Monday, February 12, 2007

Rich kids

Ok, so two things. First of all, I held back ski racing for a week as to not drop into the fastest catagory. I want my rivals nationally to get to know my name as everyone looks at the top of the rankings in each catagory. So I've kind of been sandbagging. So I would put down a run and go fast and then scrub off speed at the end before I went through the timing. Saturday I realized that I was within a second of the fastest time of the day, So I decided to go for it and ended up about 6/10s of a second out of the lead and in 4th position. So that was pretty cool. But it also meant that I dropped into the fastest catagory nationally. I went from 4 out of 147 nationally in that catagory to 83 out of 87 in the fastest catagory. And 8 out of 8 at my resort in the fast catagory. I did beat two of my new rivals in that fast catagory by over a second on the day but I'm still last. But that's cool. Plus I have no fear and everything is starting to fall into place. The new thick socks have taken up the slop in my boots and the non FIS skis are proving to be really fast.

Today I ordered some new ski pants. They go over a race suit or you just wear them for free skiing. They are Descente It is so hard for me to get ski clothes that I like without spending a million dollars. They have a full zip that goes down each leg so you can take them off before you race without taking off your boots or skis. I do have some insulated pants like that, but they are for when it is really cold and too bulky and hot for when it isn't that cold. Skiing is such and expensive sport. You have to be such a smart shopper. Ski racing, even at my level is really tough to afford and be competitive. I see kids on the mountain who race and are in thousands of dollars of gear and clothing. There are some very rich folks around.

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