Wednesday, February 14, 2007

11 roses

Well today is Valentine's day. Sadly, I can only offer memories on this subject.

One memory that comes to mind was with Jane. Jane measured how I met her expectations by how much money I would spend on things like Valentine's day. I couldn't ever bring myself to accept that she was that superficial but she was. So I went to this florist and there was this really nice woman who helped me. She was really sweet and I had fun buying these flowers from her. She showed me everything and I asked a lot of questions. Together we built up what we both thought was a really pretty, and not all that expensive of a bouquet. I should have given it to her. So here I came with my "economy" bouquet (but still not cheap), and I gave it to Jane. She looked at it, and clearly was not thrilled. She said that she had expected a dozen roses. And I'm like, well everyone does that, and I wanted to be different, and I thought this one was pretty, and I helped put it together... Did not go over. If I had given her 11 roses she would have had a problem.

Let it go don.

I hope your expectations were met if you have a sweetie. And Happy Valentine's day to the women who come here from don.


Megan said...

sometimes there is no pleasing a person.

GrewUpRural said...

Thanks Don.

My boyfriend and I don't celebrate Valetine's Day, so there were no expectations to be met.

Diane said...

Thanks Don! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

Hmm. I think Valentine's Day expectations show strengths and weaknesses in people.

Maybe it's wrong for me to expect flowers, chocolate, and a nice dinner someplace on Valentine's, but I do get really pleased when someone tries to accomodate that, even when it's outside their realm and it doesn't quite meet my expectations. The attempt makes about 90% of the points on this.

If I was Jane, I would have loved the flowers, even if they weren't a dozen roses. (I love flowers anyway)

I don't really see Valentine's as a "we must do something expensive today", because I think that really creative, inexpensive dates can be just as much fun as expensive ones, but I think that trying to cut corners when the corners don't need to be cut shows how giving (or ungiving) the giver is.

don said...

I don't think it is wrong to expect some sort of acknowlegement as long as it is sincere and within reason.

don said...

Yes megan, I tried and tried and I couldn't please Jane. She spent all of her money and then wanted to spend all of mine. Jane made more money than I did but she was up to her eyeballs in debt. If I had married her, we would have gone broke and then gotten a divorce by now.

grewuprural, I think you have a good thing going. I hope he buys you flowers from time anyway. If you were mine I'd buy you a Guns and Roses CD :) Just kidding! I'd buy you a bouquet for sure. Who wrote that song, every rose has a thorn? or something like that. I can't get the Beatles song out of my head, can't buy me love. I won't mind if they play that when I'm in the rest home.

diane, I'm curious how your V day turned out.