Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Go to heck

I think I've said it before, that one of my biggest fears is that when I go into the rest home they will play 80s glam rock or something all day long thinking that is what we want to hear. Please shoot me with the gun and put the roses on my casket, but no Guns and Roses! Feed me the Poison, but don't make me listen to it! I'd rather die and go to heck.

And that brings to mind a joke.

A guy dies and goes to heck, and the devil is driving him around in a golf car showing him the place. "Over here we have a par 3 golf course, in heaven they have a full lenght course. And in our dormitory housing we only have black and white TV and dial up internet. In heaven they have luxury condos and plasma screens and high speed internet." And the guy says "This isn't that bad, It isn't as good as heaven but it isn't that bad." and then they pass a pit with hot coals and naked people screaming in the pit. And the guy says "What's that!?" And the devil says "We put that in for the Baptists so they woudln't be disappointed."


GrewUpRural said...

I like GNR and Poison. But I also like Metallica, Nirvana, and lots of other music. For me, there is worse out there, like Bob Dylan.

don said...

Guns and Roses had some good songs. I never liked Poison. I did really like Nirvana but think that kind of music would depress me if I was forced to listen to it in the rest home.

If they played Bob Dylan I would try to overdose on Geritol, or Centrum Silver.

The Wordpecker said...

I worked for a company that owns nursing homes. (My office was in a nursing home.) There was no 80's glam rock...just Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, etc., etc. Timeless classics.

That's not to say the home you go to won't be different, but if you still have your faculties about you, you can always drop your favourite CD into the stereo and crank it up. You'll come to be known as "the fesity ole' guy in room whatever."

PS. I have to defend Bob Dylan here. He tells great stories.

don said...

Dylan does write good lyrics although I heard something about plagiarism recently, but I can't remember the details. I do know that he did come up with some good lyrics of his own. It's just that perhaps someone else should sing them. :)