Thursday, August 17, 2006

1 gallon gas can

Today I went to the hardware store to buy a 1 gallon gas can. Not really a can because it is plastic. A guy who works there was standing around and so walked up to him to ask him if they had 1 gallon gas cans. I'm sure I had a very concerned look on my face. He is a good guy, as I've asked him to help me find things before. While I ask him, "Do you have 1 gallon gas cans?" I caught myself forming the shape of a 1 gallon gas can with my hands. Why do I do that? It could have been anything I was forming in my hands. Every time I go in there I do that. I did the same thing for some hornet spray and I made roughly the same shape with my hands.

Anyway he takes me to where all the red plastic gas cans are and says "We really need to look these over, someone returned on with a hole in it, looked like it was made with a drill". I'm thinking great... someone has tampered with the only thing I want. He looks it all over hands it to me, and I look it all over and decide it is ok and take it up to the counter. Then that guy looked it all over, and he charged me a dollar less than the price on the shelf. $3.25. I thought that was a pretty good deal. That is what it will cost to fill it with gas.

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