Friday, August 11, 2006

Making bread is easy

I think I might have won the battle against attacks on my tomato plants. They were getting dark- rot on the bottoms of each tomato. So I went to the store and got some spray for that, And I also saw little bitty bugs on them so I got spray for that as well. I think I shocked my plants but both my Roma tomatos and my "round" tomatos are doing well now. The plants look kind of sick however. I might have over done the spray. Good thing I don't have to grow my own food.

I like to cook however. Last night I made pizza. I make the dough from scratch. I wouldn't think of buying a pre-fab pizza anymore. It is easy to make the dough. I just do it in a bowl with a spoon and it only takes about 15 min. A few years ago I decided that I didn't want to live my whole life without knowing how to make bread. So I found this Scottish website that claimed bread making was easy.

It wasn't that easy. At least not at first. It took me several tries / months before I started to figure it out. My first bread was more like a cannon ball than bread. But it isn't bad now, and has evolved into pizza dough. I love making bread. You can make bread, cook a roast, and then have a great sandwich the next day.

Here is another photo from last weekend's bike ride. She's a party girl/ biker chick. I didn't get her name so I hope she doesn't mind.

I'm off to the big sky.


Diane said...

I love homemade bread!

don said...

My bread isn't as good as my pizza dough now as I shifted my focus. But for a while I was really into just bread. Plus I have to cycle a lot to burn it of. But bread wine and cheese are a favorite basic meal of mine.

I really need to get better at just bread and for that I will need help. French bread and that sort of thing is complicated.

None the less, I can just whip up a loaf of bread no problem now, and without much technology, just need an oven, bowl and spoon, and that was my goal when I started this quest. I wanted to be able to go somewhere and make decent bread with access to an oven.

I think I could make an oven over a fire with wire and aluminum foil. When I was in Boy Scouts, I learned how to make an oven like that. I should do that and also make bread in it in a camping situation. I know I could do it over a fire in a "dutch oven". That would be easy.

Diane said...

Mmm. Bread, cheese, and a good wine.

"Dutch oven would be too easy." :) I get the feeling we're both "difficult" people.

don said...

Difficult! We are not difficult people. Making bread is easy Diane.