Friday, August 04, 2006

Gotta look sharp

Some guy in California has made Landis an offer of $100k to take a lie detector test. I was going to link to it but now the story has been taken down. The guy sent Landis a fax that went on and on about how he was into cycling, watched all the races on TV, and all of this crap. This guy owned a software company. Why in the world would Landis put himself in that position for such a small amount of money? I thought the offer was kind of an insult the way it was written. It is interesting that VeloNews posted it and then took it down. They never do that. And I'm disappointed that they posted such nonsense in the first place.

I also read that Landis admitted to drinking 2 beers and 3 Jack Daniels the night before the big comback. "My Gosh!" We did all under-estimate him!

I brought home Gary's Cannondale to tune it up. He was going to take it to the bike shop but I decided to do it and save him the $45. It is a filthy mess. But it is a nice ride. The first thing I need to do is wash the heck out of it before I even bring it in the house. Here is a photo of it. A road bike rider needs to look sharp. Bike needs to be clean as do the cycling clothes. Everything clean. At least at the start of the day. If you want to be dirty then ride a mountain bike. (don't get me wrong, I ride a mountain bike too) There is nothing worse than drafting behind a guy who hasn't washed his kit.

Tomorrow is the Eight Lakes Leg Aches bike ride I'm doing. I'm only going to do the 50 mile ride due to my lung condition and all of the dust that is in the air. I'll take my camera along and get some snaps. Sunday I'm going to "Art on the Green" Local artists display their work in a park on the side of Coeur d Alene lake. I'll take the camera along to that too.

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