Saturday, August 05, 2006

Eight Lakes bike ride

The Eight Lakes Leg Aches ride went really well. I think I only did about 3 or 4 lakes however as I only rode the 50 mile loop. I rode much of the day with Suzanne (first photo). It was her first 50 mile ride but you would have never known it. She looked like she had been on a road bike her whole life and could have easily gone on all day. The nice thing about riding with her was that we went about the same pace. It's nice on these rides to find someone going at the same pace as you can help eachother along taking turns pulling. I notice in the photo that she isn't wearing gloves. That can be bad if you go down on the pavement. My friend Yulia never wore gloves on her road bike either. She just didn't like them.

The second photo is Cathy/ Kathy (I hope I spelled that right at least once). She wanted to make sure I mentioned that the triathlon people painted over our direcional signs causing us to miss a turn. It was kind of crappy of them to do that they way they did. (They paint these arrows on the pavement that show you where to turn.) But she and the group she was with knew the route and pointed me into the right direction. We parted ways and as her group went on the 80 mile loop but I'm too much of a wuss right now and having lung issues as my excuse.

I think the best thing about the ride was seeing that trail from Cheney back into Spokane. That was a really nice trail and I knew nothing about it. I was glad I did the 50 mile ride for that reason alone.

The last photo is of a guy who felt exactly like I did at the end of the ride.

Lastly Landis; (I'm going to start a new section called "Lastly Landis") I heard on the news this morning that the B sample came back positive. Now what?

I'm off to Art on the Green tomorrow.

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