Friday, August 25, 2006

Bee in my helmet

Today I had to drive my car to work and all I could think about was being on my bike as it was so nice outside. So I went home at lunch threw my cycling kit on and took off for my so-called short (8 mile) loop. I was riding along the river and I heard something strike my helmet and then I could feel something in my hair. Insect. So I rode with no hands for a while and took off my helmet. Sure enough there was a bee in there. It had gone through one of the vents and it was clinging to the inside of the helmet pulsating. So I knocked it out and went on my way.

One time I had a bee hit me in the face on my lower lip. It hung on, and before I could get it off it stung me on the lip. That hurt really bad, and I still had to ride about 10 miles to get home.

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