Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Old farmhouse

There is an old farmhouse on my way to work. This morning there was nice light on it so I decided to stop and take a photo of it. I'm shooting it and a little pickup truck stops, and an elderly lady gets out. "Don't go in the house!" she says. "Oh I won't, I just want to take a picture of it." I respond. "Well people have been going in there and taking the wood." "I won't do that, I just want a picture. I think it looks cool. I'm kind of an amature photographer. (I don't know why I said that, but I did) I live just down the street." I add. "Well ok, just don't go in." "I won't." "If you want go around to the front, it looks better on that side." she said. "This is fine, I like the light on this side, plus I'm late for work." I said. "Well come back then and go around the front." "Ok, thanks!"

The house has a 6 foot high chain link fence all the way around it and I had been shooting through the links. So I doubt I'll go back, but who knows, I've thought about potographing it for a long time.

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