Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't bother me!

Here is another photo from last weekend's bike ride. This shot is on that old train track that was turned into a bike path. Not sure if it is a so called "Rails to Trails." Perhaps someone out there can fill me in on that. But I'm sure this track was used to haul grain and such from the rural areas to Spokane and perhaps there were some passengers as well. There were a lot of train tracks to the southwest of Spokane used during the past century hauling mostly grain. The trains are gone for the most part and it does make sense to make a bike path out of the railways. They can always turn them back into train tracks if the need arises. I can see that it is totally possible to ride a bike from Spokane to Cheney where EWU is. That might be something that students will value as gas prices rise. No doubt you could easily ride from Spokane to EWU using this trail. Might take an hour or so. But it is possible. Probably not when there is snow.

In this photo, Suzanne riding along the trail next to some guy. We were very happy to be on this bike path as it was smooth and seemed like it went down hill. Plus we knew we were going in the right direction. I tried to talk to that guy next to her but he wasn't very talkative. Suzanne might have tried also. He was in his own little bubble. He rode with us for a long time, just didn't want to talk I guess. Perhaps he didn't have the skills.

It is strange in a way. One time I rode up on another guy before I got to Cheney, and tried to get information about the route. He acted like I was from a different planet. After a few minutes of trying to get through to him, I decided that I wish I hadn't asked. And other people were friendly and helpful. Some people just don't want to be bothered. So don't bother them!

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