Monday, August 14, 2006

Got rocks

Here is a photo of the Cataldo Mission in the north Idaho panhandle. I think it is the oldest surviving building in Idaho. I took this photo from a distance as I was too cheap to pay the $4. to get close to it.

The other photo is of me on my morning walk on Old 93. The old highway goes right past my little cabin and I usually cycle on it. I have a lot of memories on old 93 growing up. As you can see in this photo, I'm very tall! Actually I'm just under 6 feet. The rocks used to make the road are of various colors. If you go to Glacier Park you will see rocks that are pink, purple, green, yellow, white and many other colors. Even the rocks and pavement here are beautiful. One just needs to look close. You can kind of see the red and green in this photo. If you go to Glacier, everything is beautiful including the rocks. This isn't far from Glacier. The water is clear, the air is sweet, and the rocks are beautiful.

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