Sunday, August 06, 2006

Art on the Green

Today I went to "Art on the Green". It was pretty cool. I bought a wooden light switch cover for the cabin in Montana. I took some photos and a couple of them were interesting, but since this is bicycle log, I'm going to post another photo from my bike ride yesterday. Cathy is up on the front left, and I think the guy on the lower right is Burton. He is probably in his late 60s or who knows might even be in his 70s. He is in great shape for any age. I rode along with him for a while until he went over some train tracks a little too fast for me.

I finished working on Gary's Cannondale. I cleaned the rear cassette and the chain. I re-packed the cogs on the rear derailluer, cleaned the crank and cleaned everything. I got it to shift pretty good now. I trued the rear wheel, cleaned off the braking surfaces on the rims and adjusted the brakes. Now they don't squeak when you apply the brakes. I took it back to Gary this morning and scolded him for letting it get so bad. So it's in pretty good shape now. It took me about 4 hours.


Diane said...

I vaguely remember going to "Art on the Green" a couple of years ago. Coeur d'Alene is breathtakingly beautiful, and the turnout was better than for most art/craft/stuff shows I've seen. The only thing I remember buying was a frozen banana, though, and it was my dad's idea. (But the banana was really good!)

don said...

Hi Diane,
Art on the Green was pretty cool, or should I say really hot! I went in the heat of the day and it was too hot. The highlight for me was a celtic band. But they quit right when I noticed them. I need to add celtic music to my intrest section. I love celtic music. One woman had a celtic harp and I would have loved to have heard her play it. She was playing a guitar on the one song that I did hear. For some reason I wasn't in an art mood, and it was a good thing as I'm spending my money on a camera right now.