Sunday, August 20, 2006

Montana jersey

Here is a photo of me after my morning ride in Montana today. I'm wearing my new Montana jersey (in Montana). There won't be many photos of don on bicycle log, so take a good look. I'm not photogenic, but I went through a lot to get this jersey so I thought it was worth a photo. I had to order 4 of these to get the right size and it cost me in shipping charges. I have a number of Giordana jerseys and they are not consistent in size. None the less it says Montana on it and that was the main reason I bought it. I have no idea what it means on an Italian jersey, I should know. I'll ask my Italian friend Sam. He probably knows. Howard might know as he raced over there for a while. The other things I like about it is that it is made out of Giordana's best fabric which I really like, and it has a Puma logo on it, and that reminds me of cool shoes in grade school.

BTW, I'm wearing a mountain bike helmet. I realize that some roadies view this as really un-cool. I bought it at Liquidation World for $15, it is a Giro and the visor keeps the sun out of my eyes on days like this. Plus I just leave it up there. One less thing to haul back and forth. I do have to admit that when I start going really fast I can feel the force of the wind on the visor. I have other helmets. The motobecane is my single speed. I just left it up there too.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo, Don. Fairly close up, though. Way to step outside the bubble.


P.S. Cool jersey!

Diane said...

My dumb answer is that Montana probably means "mountains".

I completely understand the problem with mail-order clothes and sizing. Most of the time the sizing charts don't help, either.

I will say that the company with the most consistant sizing that I've come across is Victoria's Secret. I realize that doesn't help you out, but I've been going there for years and never need to wonder about size.

BTW, nice photo!

don said...

I found Gonzaga jerseys in one bike catalog along with most schools. They listed U of M but didn't have a photo of the Griz jersey. But that might be cool. ? I'd want to see it however.

I do like this jersey. Makes me feel a little like Sam. Now if I could only ride as fast. :)

I've seen lots of adidas cycling shoes, I even have one pair, but I've never seen any pumas. Basso had puma as a sponsor last year in some respect. Hey, if they make them, I'll try them. I was wearing some really cheap Shimano ones over the weekend. They hurt after about 10 miles. My feet still hurt. My new Specialized ones were tough at first but now they are working.

I did post another photo with my toung haning out earlier. It's back in my blog somewhere, but I don't think I said it was me.

Yes Diane, Mountains was what I was thinking too. It must be some sort of sponsor. And.. Yes spandex is one thing but Victoria's Secret is just a little too far outside of my bubble! :)

And that was the thing, I thought I knew what size to order in Giordana. You are right the charts don't help. I see the same thing in skiing clothes.

Jules said...

I love this photo of you. :*

don said...

I had been sick right before this and had lost about 10 lbs.