Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carbo loading

Well today I did a ton of artwork. All day long on my computer and my hand got tired of holding onto the mouse. But it was a productive day and that's good. Tomorrow I wanted to ride to work but I have to go to a customer who doesn't like some color samples we made so I might need my car to go there. And that is all I can say about work. Work is off limits at bicycle log.

I still have this cough and when people would ask me something I'd just cough at them. It is convienient in a way but I'm getting tired of it. It's also kind of funny and I can see the humor in it. I probably have mold or something horrible in my lungs. If it isn't better by next week I'm going to the doctor. That will cost me even though we have "insurance". (don't even go there don)

Tonight I'm going to sart to carbo-load for my bike ride on Saturday. I'm going to prepare one of my favorite pasta dishes. It is so darn good! I saw it on Everyday Italian. It is radiatore with sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella and artichoke hearts. Right now I have radiatore but rotini works. You do need a curly pasta that will hold the mozzarella.

Cook the rotini/ radiatore. (salt the water)

Saute some garlic in olive oil. Then brown the artichoke hearts. Not too long. Then add some white wine and cook that down. Chop the sun dried tomatoes. Cube the mozzarella into small cubes.

You don't need to know how much of each thing. Just remember that you don't need that much pasta and you need quite a bit of tomatoes and artichoke hearts and cheese. The pasta to tomatoe ratio is the most important. You wil get the hang of it. (It's easy to have too much pasta and not enough of everything else)

Drain the pasta and add it to the saute pan with the artichoke hearts. Add the sun dried tomatoes. Then quickly add the mozzarella cubes trying not to let them clump together and remove from heat and transfer into a bowl. Top with parmesan cheese. (in this case I topped it with Italian parsley.)

I'm not kidding, this is really good. I make it all the time.

The more I goof around with this Nikon, the more I like it. You might remember that lightning struck my house and blew up my computer and sound system. I got a new computer but the sound system will have to wait. I've been wanting a decent camera and this is a good deal even though it is second hand. I only buy things when I have the money for them. I used both of my other cameras at work today. So it is something I can justify.

Here is a photo of how my pasta turned out. Wish you were here to eat it with me.

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