Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The best part

Today was a wonderful day to be going to work on a bike. The air was fresh and I could smell the Spokane river which I live very close to.

I had gotten up, fed the cat, and put water in the coffee maker and then headed to the shower. I forgot to turn on the coffee maker. That screwed up my whole routine. None the less I managed a cup of coffee, packed my work clothes into my back pack, made a sandwich, pumped up my tires to the propper pressure (110 lbs, and you have to do it every day) and ate a bowl of corn flakes. And also I forgot to shave.

Riding my bike to work is the best part of my day. I often want to just ride past work and say to heck with it Thankfully it wasn't hot at lunch today. So I rode home and changed around my sprinklers, watched a little Charlie Rose while eating a salad, then I rode back to work. Then after work I rode home. Again it was a very nice ride. My speedo said 888 miles. So in 12 more miles I'll be at 900 miles. I'll reach 1000 miles by the end of the month easy now. After August I have 6 more weeks of riding to work to get to my goal of 1500 miles on the bike for the summer. That should be no problem. I'm thinking about raising the bar to 2000 miles. (and this is only on my Trek. my single speed has miles on it as does my Stella and my Gitane.) Over the years I've seen the value in not getting too hung up in keeping track of miles. Most of my miles on the bike have been going back and forth to work. And I need to do more for just pleasure.


madmax said...

It's true it's easier to ride the bike when there's enough pressure in the tires and you can ride the bike on trails through woods, it's really refreshing.

don said...

Proper air pressure is very important to me. Thanks for stopping in!