Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vinyl flooring

I was going to blog about vinyl flooring, and then my interest changed to mileage on my bike and then to the company summer party. Blogging about the company is kind of off limits. Nobody cares about the mileage on my bike. 850 BTW. So here are my thoughts about vinyl flooring.

I went out on a blind date with a really beautiful mormon woman. And I'm not just kidding, she was drop dead gorgeous. Plus she was really nice. Sadly she was less than thrilled about me. I was prepared to join the ward on the spot and go off on mission if need be. After our lunch date she asked me if I would take a look at her computer. ( I'm the so called network administrator where I work amoung other things. I actually don't know that much about computers, but for some reason people think I do.)

So anyway she asked me to take a look at her computer as the picture on the monitor was off center. When the computer booted it was on center and then when Windows came up it was off center. Well I knew how to fix this... Her son had been goofing around with the buttons on the monitor.

So I fixed that and then she asked me to take a look at the phone jacks. I guess her ex-husband had taken out one of the phone plugs off of the phone jack on one of the walls. So I put another jack on. It was wired such that if one of the jacks was taken off then none of them worked except the one in the kitchen.

While in the kitchen, I noticed the flooring. She had black stone flooring. Not sure about the color, it was pretty cool, and her house was really nice. But it did require her to seal it once a year with a chemical and eveyone had to leave the house for a day or so to do this. While we were talking this over she said that she hated vinyl flooring. Well I have vinyl flooring in my kitchen. I just had it put in. My sister actually put it in for me. (she is a contractor) She put tile in my entry however. We talked about stone for my entry but she told me what a hassle it was to maintain so we put tile in that kind of looked like stone.

So now I'm having this coversation with this mormon gal about vinyl flooring. I want to express myself but I don't want to come off like I'm taking issue with her views about vinyl flooring. If you drop a dish on vinyl there is a chance it will live. But it will certianly break on tile or stone. And vinyl lets you know when it is time to replace it. And when you do and get new vinyl it looks great! It's warm on your bare feet. Just don't use mop and glow on it or it will yellow. I didn't know that until my sister told me.

I guess I'm just a vinyl floor guy. I didn't belong with a woman with a taste for stone.


Diane said...

It was doomed from the beginning. :)

I prefer tile or stone (or wood now that I think of it - carpet is so hard to keep clean), but I also am a big fan of area rugs too. I know that sounds weird, but at least if you drop a plate on an area rug there's a chance it might survive.

don said...

I'm open to all types of flooring actually. Stone looks cool but is a pain to maintain. I have a family room in my basement that is not finished yet and my sister thought I should stain the concrete. I might do that because there is a wood stove in it and it would be easier to keep clean.