Monday, August 14, 2006

Good old boy

This morning I was riding to work in the bike lane on the side of a four lane road, and my Walkman falls out of it's pouch and onto the pavement right in an intersection. NPR comes to an instant silence replaced by the sound of the plastic bouncing on the street behind me. I come to a stop and look back and there it is in the middle of the intersection. I turn and ride back to retrieve it before any cars run over it. I thought for sure it would be broken but I plug my headphones back in and it works! But now it is tuned to a religious station and there is a minister with a southern accent proclaiming "God is not a good old boy!". (I kid you not!) I tune it back to NPR and continue on to work. This means something, I'm just not sure what yet. Perhaps I shouldn't see the trinity while looking at a pine cone in Montana.


Diane said...

I had an experience like that with a Motorola phone.

I wrecked my jeep, and couldn't find the phone. By the time the cops let me back into my car, I found the phone (in pieces!) in the cargo area of the jeep and when I put it back together, it miraculously worked!

don said...

Motorola makes great products as does Sony. I know a guy who worked for Motorola launching sattelites in Russia and China. (I just heard on the news that Sony laptop batteries have been recalled, the biggest recall of it's kind)

I suspect if I dropped an Ipod like that I'd probably be buying a new one. Bicycle log gear must be robust! Most of it isn't cheap however. The $20. AM FM Sony Walkman is cheap but passes the bicycle log product drop test. I did have to snap it back together. (I realize it is old school to have a Walkman and not an Ipod :)

I guess I shouldn't listen to NPR while riding to work anyway, as it puts me into the bubble. It is kind of a morning addiction, like coffee. I do have to tune it away from FM behind a mountain and then listen to AM for a while. Not sure if all/any Ipods get AM?

One of our artists dropped a Nikon coolpix 800 digital camera a few years ago. It broke the battery door and the camera won't work properly now. It is an old design and not worth fixing, but it took great pictures. He also dropped a Canon and it lived as it had a metal body and not plastic.

I now have two Nikon digital cameras. If you want a great little digital camera, get a Nikon coolpix 5600 (or 4600.) Not sure if you can drop it but it is a great little camera and you will love it. Long battery life takes great photos and very small. The only difference is that the 5600 has sound with the movies and a little higher image quality. I'd get the 5600. My sister got the 4600.