Thursday, August 10, 2006

At the movies

Do we really need a movie about everything? As World Trade Center is released I have to wonder who is going to rush out and see this? "What's it going to be kids? World Trade Center, or The Ant Bully?" "Ant Bully! Ant Bully! we want Ant Bully!" And what about popcorn sales during World Trade Center movie? Who's going to sit there and eat popcorn watching this?

Did they sell popcorn at The Passion of the Christ?.. I didn't see the Passion of the Christ. I'd like to continue to think that the book was better.

And do we really need a re-make of every old TV show? I can kind of understand The Flintstones, or Dragnet, but Miami Vice? I can hear the trailer now... " You've heard it in stereo,...Now hear it in Surround Sound!.

I never got the whole Matrix thing,.. until one of the characters had to sit down and explain the whole plot to the audience and Keanu Reeves at the same time. Probably Keanu Reeves said "Look guys, I've been blowing everyone away,.. could you explain my motivation again?"

And Matrix Re-loaded... "We shot a lot of people in Matrix,.. We've re-loaded, and we're going to shoot even more people!". And they make millions. They even sit around the table with Charlie Rose and talk it over. I just don't get it. Please don't try and explain this to me. I don't want to know.

It's really sad,.. the state of our movies. I think it says something about us. I just hope Tom Hanks turns down the role of Sadam Hussain. That role should go to Mel Gibson.


Diane said...

You're completely correct about the state of Hollywood today. I'm getting sick of the remakes and the worn-out "action/comedy/romance formula films".

I didn't care for the Matrix either. But seriously disturbed souls would eat popcorn during the World Trade Center movie, or Passion of the Christ. (I'm fairly certain they sold popcorn at the PotC -Passion of the Christ of Pirates of the Carribean?- viewing I went to)

don said...

Now and then something good comes out, but Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy?.. It's pretty sad.

And who am I to say anything about the Matrix? They did make millions. This girl I worked with gave me the video to watch as it was one of her favorite movies. I honestly had to turn it off after about an hour. Then I had to think of something positive to say about it when I returned it to her:) I think I told her I liked the graphics at some point and that was true. Different strokes I guess.

I did enjoy your Carnival of the Veil yesterday. Went to several of the blogs. What an interesting subject.