Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hobie 16

Here is another photo from Flathead Lake last weekend. This is a Hobie 16 just like the one I have. (Mine has blue hulls however and this one is yellow.) But the sails are exactly the same colors. You can date a Hobie "cat" 16 by the colors of the sails. These sails are from the late 70s. But I suspect the boat is newer like mine or it is well taken care of. My boat is an '81. There are more and more Hobie 16s on the bay. This is the only one that I have seen with the same sails as mine and it just showed up on the bay. So if we go out at the same time it will be hard for people on shore to know which one is me. The bay is so big that you can't see the numbers from any distance. I did notice even from this distance that these sails are in much better condition. Mine are really bad but still working. The people I bought my boat from left them out all the time. I'm going to use them until they totally fail. I've had some work done on the main at the tack, and also bought all new batten ends.

The number on the sail represents the number that exsisted when that boat was produced. The problem is that people buy second hand sails and put them on newer boats, or they buy new sails and put them on old boats. But the number only really matters when you race not the colors. Plus you can order old colors if you want. It just costs more. Every year they offer standard colors for that year in various combinations, or you can just get white. Here is a link to the Hobie website. They have lots of cool things but to see the catamarans you need to click on the sailing tab.



Diane said...

I think I would opt for just white sails, but then again, I know little-to-nothing about sailing.

However, I always thought it would be cool to go on one of those cruises where you're on an old refurbished merchant vessal, and learn how to sail and navigate one of those. There was one docked in San Diego Harbor several years ago (OK, 1999), but I don't remember its name.

don said...

I know what you mean about white sails. I'd agree on a regular boat. And there is the "gay" connection with the rainbow. But Hobies are different. They transcend the gay thing. The rainbow sails are part of the classic design. They have made some really nice color combinations over the years.

When I was growing up on the lake, the neighbor man, Mr, C. introduced me to sailing. He grew up back east and sailed on Lake Geneva where Buddy Melges sailed, and at the same time. Buddy Melges is a former America's Cup Skipper. Anyway I learned the ropes from Mr. C. And I had a Lightning class boat. A Sparkman and Stevens 19 foot one design. It was really cool. Of course it had white sails but they do have a colored spinnaker.

Mr. C. is getting pretty old now and we sit up there and talk about politics and boats and sailing.

We were talking about new sails for my Hobie recently. I said I thought I would get white. (as they are cheaper.) But he disagreed. And he is really a traditional sailor, you would think he would agree and just want white. He said he thought the colors were "keen". And now with more and more Hobies on the bay, I agree, the colors are cool. It is beautiful to see the colors in different variations going back and forth. I did see a Hobie with white sails and there was a loss there. At first I didn't even recognize it as a Hobie until I saw how fast it was going.

All other boats have white sails except for their spinnakers. Hobie Cats are about rainbow sails. It is part of the classic design. And you know when you see those sails that they are the fastes boat on the water. Nothing was faster until windsurfers came out.

Having said that, I would love a new set of white sails :) New sails are always faster no matter what color. And I think white sails would look really nice on my boat.

A new white main sail is around $800 and a new jib $400. That is a pretty good deal considering the price of windsufing sails and how big these are. If you want colors then it a couple of hundred more.

I bought my whole boat for $500! a few years ago. But that was a killer deal. It is probably worth about $1500. You can't find old ones for much less now. The last time I checked they sell new for around $8k.

Diane said...

Oh, I never really made the gay-rainbow connection, but I could see how someone who didn't boat a lot would.

There is something to be said about somthing "traditional" or "classic". I'd love to learn more about sailing; one of these days I'll get around to that.

I don't think the prices you quoted are too bad; any hobby that's worth pursuing costs.

don said...

Most of my friends who are guys say something about it looking "gay". No women have. But all enjoy a ride on the Hobie if they are brave enough to sail with me.

I wonder if you have ever sailed? If not you would love it. Go for it if you get the chance.

The nice things about the Hobie are, the speed and excitement when the wind comes up. But really how smooth it is since the hulls are so sharp. They just cut through the water and don't smash into it like a regular mono-hull. And then you are sitting on that trampoline. So it makes for a smooth yet bouncy ride. Plus there is no motor noise. Most people love it.

Perhaps we can sail together some day. In the meantime I'll imagine you are with me the next time I go out :)

Diane said...

It doesn't surprise me that men are more sensitive to the "rainbow" issue than women. Unfortunately, I can't really offer an explanation!

I've never been sailing, although I'd love to one day! (Mark that down on the list of things I need to do before I die!) Maybe one of these days I'll find myself in Washington or Western Montana again, and we'll go sailing. I promise.

don said...

Cool! Now I can say I have a date with a beautiful young woman :)

Curt said...

Speaking of boat costs...

A fishing captain recently told me, "You know what 'Marine' stands for? Add a thousand dollars."


don said...

That's why I put a regular car water pump on my boat as I don't intend to take it on the ocean. But some marine parts like the starter prevent explosions. Did you know that my mom was on a tour boat that exploded when they started it? All of the windows blew out and she happened to be looking out and did not get hurt. But some people got burned. Not sure if anyone died. The boat burned and sank at the dock. It happened years ago.