Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lastly Landis 8.15.06

Team Phonak is folding at the end of the 2006 season in the wake of the Landis situation. The teams new sponsor, I-shares has pulled out. Phonak team owner Andy Rihs had this to say as reported in VeloNews,..

"As a passionate cycling fan, I am bitterly disappointed that the sport of cycling has apparently become a synonym for doping," Rihs said in a statement during a press conference Tuesday morning in Z├╝rich. "I truly regret this development and it has brought me to the decision of disbanding the Phonak team at the end of 2006."

How things changed for Landis and team Phonak in a matter of a few days..

"Three weeks ago, we were the winners of the Tour de France, we were overjoyed, the sponsors were queuing up to join us ... and then suddenly this blow," Rihs said. "Today I see myself forced to do something I have never done in my whole life as a businessman: I have given up."

I don't think it could be much worse for sport either no matter what happens with Landis in court.


Diane said...

Whatever happened with the idea of sporting for fun and recreation? Whatever happened to good sportsmanship and "may the best man - or woman - win"?

Sometimes I wonder if the whole "professional athlete" occupation defeats the purpose of athletics to begin with.

don said...

There is so much money involved and at steak in pro cycling. Even in non-pro sports like college basketball in which the players don't get paid, there's a lot of pressure to win.

One of my friends would say/ joke, "It's the ugly face of capitalizm."

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Support Floyd Landis!

New government intelligence reports shows France's complicity with the Al-Qaida terrorists who framed Floyd Landis in order to embarrass America.

Read about the terrorist plot to frame landis here: http://richardquick.blogspot.com/2006/08/tour-de-america-tribute-to-patriot.html

I implore you all to show your support for American hero Floyd Landis by holding up signs everywhere you go. Any of the following are acceptable: "Bomb France!" "Landis was Framed!" "Al-Qaida Framed Landis!" "Tour de America 2007!" "Seize the Tour de Farce!" or "Osama Don't Bike!"

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don said...

Welcome to my blog Richard! You know, I do suspect the French, and the testing. I'm as paranoid as you are about it.

But what would explain Basso, Ulrich, Pantani, Heras, Hamilton and admitted British doper David Millar? (not to mention Pantani?) The list goes on and on and on. Is Al-Qaida out to get them as well?

And what about Festina? The French team found with doping materials in the TEAM CAR! What about Richard Virenque! The French loverboy? Were the French and Al-Quaida out to get him and Team Festina back in 98? I'm sure they were Richard.

Good luck making money off of Floyd's situation. Just send a percentage to Floyd. He's going to need it.