Monday, August 28, 2006

Moon over Montana

I've never been to Miami, so here is moon over Montana. This photo was taken last year just after sunset, but the deer photo was taken last Saturday night not far away on the "loch" just as the sun was going down. Both photos were taken from my boat looking east. But Saturday, the moon appeared on the other side of the sky and was a very small crescent.

The moon is dancing on the ridge, but only as seen reflected in the water of the lake. Perhaps this is what Sir Walter Scott was thinking in his poem, The Lady of the Lake. (Curt corrects me and says, the rill is a stream, and that makes sense. But I thought Monan's rill was a ridge and the moon was reflected dancing in Loch Katrine. What the heck.)

The mountains in the distance are the Mission Mountains. They run north and south along the east shore of the Flathead Lake. I plan to ride my bike down that side of the lake then back to my cabin next Sunday morning. So I will go about 2/3 around the lake. I'm guessing at the miles but I suspect it is about 50 or 60 miles. I will be dropped off at Bigfork on the north east end of the lake in the morning, and then ride south to Polson and then ride north on the west side of the lake to Dayton. I figure that the traffic won't be bad early on Sunday morning on the east side highway as most people will be where they want to be and the heavy traffic is on the west side. I've been wanting to do this ride for some time and I won't get a better chance. The only thing that will stop me is rain. Not much chance of that. I expect it to take me about 4 hours. I'll take my camera.

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